What We Do

EuroLite provides elegant, precision engineered, steel frame windows & doors for residential & commercial projects.
We know that, to build a masterpiece, it's all about the details. 
We take care of those details, so you can sit back
& enjoy the view…. 


Specialists in Steel & Glass

EuroLite has achieved revolutionary advances in the thermal construction of steel framed windows and doors, bringing the minimalist look of steel to places, it’s never gone before. Our proprietary ‘dual chambered’ construction increases the stiffness of our steel frames by 200% - critical for large installations. 

These design innovations create the narrowest sight lines in the world – bar none. With exceptionally strong steel frames and superior IGU’s, you get to choose the view of the world you want to see. Demanding architects and builders appreciate the quality, value and performance of EuroLite.

Steel . . .   Steel . . .

Steel has a timeless appeal with a modern, industrial flavor that is the "must have" style for many projects. No other material can compete with the slim lines, durability and lasting value of steel.

Only steel itself is strong enough to provide a genuine minimalist style with pencil thin sight lines. EuroLite’s proprietary construction achieves sight lines of only 1”, giving you more light and expansive views.

EuroLite's extreme structural integrity allows architects the widest range of design versatility with the best overall product performance.

With all EuroLite's precision engineered steel windows and glass doors, you get the modern, sleek look of steel with the best thermal efficiency on the market.

Strength & Security

Your security is built into every detail of our products. Welded steel is twice a strong as aluminum, 5x’s stronger than fiberglass, and 10x’s stronger than wood. Plus, our ‘dual chambered’ construction is 4x stronger than the open sections, used by competitors.

Pre-installed Multi-point locking systems provide the highest rating against forced entry.
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Thermally Broken Frames

EuroLite’s thermal technology meets or exceeds all current energy efficiency standards in America.

Our proprietary ‘dual chambered’ construction includes an 18mm thermal break that isolates the interior chamber from the exterior, preventing heat from traveling through the structure.
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Thermally Broken Frames

Superior Glazing

EuroLite is the only manufacturer to provide krypton gas filled, dual and triple pane glass as standard.

Krypton gas is a significantly better insulator than argon, and also allows us to keep the IGU’s slimmer. With a total thickness of about 1”, our triple pane IGU’s are less obtrusive than most dual pane units.
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Superior Glazing

Responsive Service

At EuroLite, we focus on your needs, your ideas and your budget. We make it our priority to understand your vision and to communicate with you clearly and accurately.

We guarantee the quality of our work and deliver exactly what we promise. Your project manager will confirm all the details of your order with you and provide detailed CAD drawings. We begin construction only after your approval of the design and budget.If there is any error made in your order or there has been shipping damage, we will repair to new standard or replace at no charge to you.

An experienced Project Manager will assure that your project is completed to your satisfaction in the time frame required.

Responsive service of Euriolite
We know that we are building relationships just as surely as we are building windows.

EuroLite Excellence

  • Energy efficient windows and doors – U factor as low as 0.18.
  • Narrow sight-lines – door and window frames as slim as 25mm.
  • Strongest steel frames – 4 x stronger than any other.
  • Windows and doors precision made – to 1mm tolerance.
  • Sound proof glass windows - 50% better than standard.
  • Weather tight windows and doors with 4 stage seals
  • Dual and triple pane, krypton gas filled, IGU's.
  • Zinc galvanized frames with lustrous Hard-as-Nails finish.
  • NFRC Certified and Energy Star Rated.

Discover the Bold, Clean Lines of EuroLite Steel Framed Windows & Doors…

If you can envision it - we can make it.

Narrowest Sight Lines

The enhanced strength of our proprietary steel frames allows us to build steel windows and doors with the most minimal sight lines; only 1” wide. Our frame size is 50% less bulky, which gives our doors and windows the elegant, slender look that architects prefer. EuroLite windows are 84% glass compared to 70% in other steel framed windows. This sleek and strong steel frame gives us greater design versatility so we can create walls of glass with expansive, uninterrupted views. 

Revolutionary Thermal Break

EuroLite’s thermal technology meets or exceeds energy star requirements for windows and doors in North America. We keep heat in its place and construct your windows for optimal energy efficiency in your climate zone. EuroLite makes having large expanses of beautiful, transparent glass, ecologically responsible. Read about NFRC certification . .

Strength & Security

Our proprietary ‘dual chambered’ cellular construction is 4x's stronger than the open steel sections commonly used by most other companies. This feature dramatically enhances the strength of our steel frames. We also use European multi-point locking systems, which is the best protection against forced entry. Our custom made heavy duty hinges are TIG welded to the frame to ensure precise alignment and a lifetime of frictionless operation. Your safety and peace of mind is built into every detail of our products. Read about our Hardware . .

Sound Reduction

We believe that sound proof windows and doors are essential to maintaining peace of mind in the modern home or office. All EuroLite doors, glass panels and windows have “Wave Disrupting” sound proofing technology. This specialty design feature is integral to all our construction and reduces sound transmission by up to 50% over standard dual or triple pane glass. Read more, goes to Sound proofing
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Lasting Value

Steel framed windows and doors are the 'Ferrari of fenestration' and provide lasting value for your investment. Architects know the minimalist look of black steel framed glass creates an elegance that cannot be matched by other materials. We use best practices and creative efficiencies to keep our prices highly competitive. We will meet or beat the price for any other comparable steel fenestration. Review our Pricing Guide . .

EuroLite Service

At EuroLite, our satisfaction is in bringing your ideas to life - perfectly. Therefore, it is our top priority to understand your vision exactly and to communicate clearly at every phase of your project. You’ll receive complete CAD drawings with as many revisions as is needed to achieve your customized configuration of steel framed fenestration. Our Project Manager will oversee every detail of your order from concept to delivery and keep you informed along the way. It’s important to us to build trust just as much as we build high quality steel doors and windows. We hope you will allow us to show you the EuroLite commitment to service.

What Our Clients Says About EuroLite Doors

  • As a contractor I’ve had the opportunity now to do business with Eurolite Doors 3 times this year and I must say, they have provided top customer service and delivered premium quality products at a significant savings. In all cases, my client’s were thrilled with the finished product.

    Peter Holder
  • As the owner/builders of our home I can say your customer service was wonderful during the entire process. We love our door and your price was very reasonable. We show the door to everyone who stops by to see the house.

    Christine & Gary Dowell
  • We have nothing but praise for the product we purchased from you. Your professionalism with this product and service was exceptional from start to finish. Your instructions were very easy to understand and simple to install and level out the door.

    Tony and Carmela Cuzzetto
    BC Canada