Precision Craftsmanship…


Our Commitment

Our team of highly skilled engineers and certified technicians adhere to exacting SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) at every step of the process and in every phase of construction, so that nothing is left to chance.

Our commitment to Quality Management means that every process is subjected to rigorous scrutiny - no product leaves our factory without passing a final 70 point inspection.


Our Fabrication

We exclusively use TIG welding to construct our frames. TIG takes longer and requires more skill, but creates smaller, stronger welds with less heat and less distortion.

TIG welding is better for the environment, and for its operators.

Dimensional tolerances are kept to 1mm (1/25”) so that you get a product that will fit exactly into the space provided.

Lasting Quality
Superior Performance

Our Marine Grade Finish

EuroLite uses Akzo Nobel marine coatings, which have been protecting ships for 135 years. This product has superb protective qualities with superior abrasion and chip resistance. After zinc galvanization, we employ a multi-step process that incrementally improves and hardens the surface. We use three layers of marine based color and then two additional layers of clear coating for UV protection. This gradual layering provides a “hard as nails” finish with a deep, lustrous and enduring sheen. The final coating reaches a pencil hardness of 6H – the highest in the industry. This provides a maintenance free finish for the life of your EuroLite steel doors and windows.