Eurolite Steel Door in a Bedroom
Eurolite Steel Door with Narrowest in a Dining Room

EuroLite Construction

We specialize in thermally broken steel windows and doors because steel is unique in its strength and timeless appeal. Size for size, steel is twice as strong as aluminum and 10x’s stronger than wood or fiberglass. In addition, our proprietary “dual chambered” construction increases the strength of our steel frames by 200% – giving EuroLite frames unparalleled strength and stiffness.

Less Frame - More Glass

The enhanced strength of our frames allows us to make them 50% thinner, building steel windows and doors with very minimal sightlines – only 1” wide. Our IGU’s are built using Saint-Gobain’s distortion free, water clear ‘Planilux’, and ‘Planitherm’ super efficient, Low-E glass – the best glazing in the world. With 84% glass compared to only 70% with regular windows, EuroLite creates a highly desirable modern, minimalist look – revealing uninterrupted and expansive views.

Eurolite exterior steel windows and doors meet or exceed Energy Star standards in all climate zones.
steel door in a hall with stairs

Thermal Efficiency

Many companies will falsely tell you that steel products are thermally inefficient and don’t compare well to wood or fiberglass. While that may have been true in the last century, EuroLite’s thermally broken construction changed the game.

Zinc Galvanized Marine Finish

eurolite window walls

Steel windows and doors will last longer than any other fenestration when properly treated. Zinc galvanized steel is an exceedingly durable foundation because it is not just a coating, but a thermal bond. The zinc becomes permanently alloyed to the steel, providing a lifetime of protection against rust and corrosion in all environments.

Six further coats of marine finish are applied in sequence with meticulous surface preparation between each layer to assure the most lustrous and hard-as-nails finish to our steel doors and windows. More on EuroLite finishes…

Zinc Galvanized Marine Finish

All EuroLite exterior steel windows and doors have a 16 mm thermal break that prevents heat from travelling through the frame. Additionally, EuroLite windows are 84% glass, compared to only 70% of a regular window. More glass is better because we use the most highly efficient glazing in the world. Our dual and triple pane, krypton gas filled units, with the latest ‘Low-E’ and ‘Solar’ options have superb energy efficiency. EuroLite is the most energy conscious choice for large expanses of clear, modern glass. More on Eurolite Glazing . . .

steel door in a hall near the stairs
steel door in a hall with stairs

Precision Manufacturing

We build custom steel windows and doors to exact specifications and exacting standards. Dimensional tolerances are kept to 1/25” so each unit will fit exactly in the space provided. There is no room for error in our business, which is why our production is based on clearly defined operating procedures and rigorous attention to detail.

Every phase of manufacturing our steel doors and windows is subject to the highest standards of accuracy – and no product leaves our 75,000 ft2 factory without passing a 70 point inspection. More on EuroLite precision manufacturing…

Sustainable Practices

eurolite window walls

Steel is 100% recyclable and will last for generations with minimal maintenance or upkeep. It can also be reused an infinite number of times without any diminishment in its attributes. We use between 70 – 100% recycled steel in our production, which greatly reduces fossil fuel use. Our factory also recycles 90% of material waste from production and administration – we strive for a near zero carbon footprint.

It’s important to us to run a lean and streamlined business so that waste is minimized and technical efficiencies are used to every advantage. Saving resources and expenses on our side gives us the means to provide better value for our customers and still be kind to our planet. EuroLite is proud to use recycled steel and to be an environmentally responsible business.

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What Our Clients Says About EuroLite Doors

  • As a contractor I’ve had the opportunity now to do business with Eurolite Doors 3 times this year and I must say, they have provided top customer service and delivered premium quality products at a significant savings. In all cases, my client’s were thrilled with the finished product.

    Peter Holder
  • As the owner/builders of our home I can say your customer service was wonderful during the entire process. We love our door and your price was very reasonable. We show the door to everyone who stops by to see the house.

    Christine & Gary Dowell
  • We have nothing but praise for the product we purchased from you. Your professionalism with this product and service was exceptional from start to finish. Your instructions were very easy to understand and simple to install and level out the door.

    Tony and Carmela Cuzzetto
    BC Canada