Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What makes EuroLite’s service different from other manufacturers

A – We provide steel windows and doors with the narrowest sight lines and highest energy efficiency in the industry. We make it our priority to understand your vision and to communicate clearly at every phase of the project so that you get what you want in the time frame that is required. We know that we are building relationships just as surely as we are building doors.

Q - How quickly will we receive CAD drawings?

A – The EuroLite team works hard to deliver CAD drawings asap. That can be in as little as 2 days or it can take longer with complex projects or if the client is still developing their design. A restoration project with hundreds of different sized steel windows and doors will naturally take longer than a single unit door. We respond quickly to change requests and strive to provide clear and concise communication and to eliminate potential errors – we send recaps of all oral communications in writing. Every window and door manufactured by EuroLite includes a fully dimensioned elevation drawing and separate sectional drawings for our client’s approval.

Q - What is the maximum size of window or door we can order?

A – The overall size of our steel windows and doors is essentially unlimited. Certain units will need to be mulled on site because of limitations in shipping. EuroLite’s well trained project managers can walk you through the variables and assist you in achieving the optimum solution for your particular project.

Q - Will EuroLite assist us in the design and budgeting stage?

A – Absolutely! Our experienced Project Managers are well equipped to provide accurate pricing and will usually be able to offer alternative solutions that provide similar functionality while keeping within your budgetary limits.

Q - Our local inspectors require NFRC codes. Are your steel doors and windows compliant?

A – All EuroLite products have been tested to the NFRC standards using a wide range of glass specifications. See more about our certifications.

Q - What is the EuroLite Doors warranty?

A – EuroLite Doors has the best warranty in the industry. All our doors carry a 20 year warranty on structure, a 10 year warranty on the finish and a 5 year warranty on glass. Please see below for more details.

Q - How do you package and ship your doors?

A – Our doors are packaged in custom made steel skids that provide a very high level of protection. The skids are designed to be off-loaded and moved on site using a forklift. If your order is less than a container load, then the skids will also have plywood cladding. You can also request a delivery truck with a lift gate that will enable you to move the skids to pavement level. Two or three strong men can unpack each skid and move individual products by hand. Deliveries are usually by 18 wheel trucks, but we can also provide smaller truck if requested.

Q - How long will it take to get my order?

A – Custom made doors are usually delivered to your location within 12 weeks after final design approval. This time may vary depending on season or logistical factors beyond our control. Your project manager will be able to give you updates on projected delivery times when you place your order.

Q - Can we purchase direct from your factory or do we need to go through a dealer?

A- EuroLite sells direct from factory and also through local dealers. Our pricing model works the same in either case, since dealers provide valuable customer service as well as showcasing our products. If there is a dealer in your area then they will also aid you in placing your order and will follow the process through installation.

Q - How easy is it to install EuroLite windows and doors?

A – Installing EuroLite steel windows and doors is very simple. The jambs or window frames usually have four or more attachment lugs that are screwed into the rough opening. Other methods can be utilized in special circumstances. Casement sashes and door slabs, with pre-installed glazing, are then lifted onto the hinges. A pdf guide is provided which show installers exactly how to install and adjust your doors and windows. This file is available in English, Spanish and French.

  • As a contractor I’ve had the opportunity now to do business with EuroLite Doors 3 times this year and I must say, they have provided top customer service and delivered premium quality products at a significant savings. In all cases, my client’s were thrilled with the finished product.

    Peter Holder
  • As the owner/builders of our home I can say your customer service was wonderful during the entire process. We love our door and your price was very reasonable. We show the door to everyone who stops by to see the house.

    Christine & Gary Dowell
  • We have nothing but praise for the product we purchased from you. Your professionalism with this product and service was exceptional from start to finish. Your instructions were very easy to understand and simple to install and level out the door.

    Tony and Carmela Cuzzetto
    BC Canada