EuroLite Construction

Dual Chambered Design

Four times stronger and stiffer then the competition, EuroLite’s famous frame construction is in a league of its own.
With two paralel chambers pressure bonded to the thermal break, sashes and slabs feel like solid steel. You will appreciate difference when you first open one of our doors or windows - they look fine and delicate, but feel like solid steel.
Advanced insulation is at the heart of our engineering. With high tech Insulated glass and triple perimeter seals, in addition to our thermal break. There is no better way to stop heat transfer, air and water incursion.

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Integral Insulation

  • Insulated Glass Unit, 2-3 panes with argon or krypton fill.
  • Thermal Break, stops heat transfer through frame.
  • Bi-Vane Weather Strip, prevents air and water incursion
  • D Seals, cushions against heat transfer

(PLEASE NOTE; Colors are for illustraion purposes only, seals and thermal break are charcoal, glass is neutral)

The four profiles in our range all have different qualities to suit the application:


EuroLite’s primary profile. With a sightline height of 1 1/2” it is suitable for all sizes of exterior doors and windows.



EuroLite’s narrowest profile. With a sightline height is just 1” it is suitabe for windows and doors up to 100” tall.



No thermal break and a sightline height of 1 1/2”. Suitable for warm climates where initial investment outweighs energy savings.



With no thermal break and a sightline height of 1”. Usually used for interior partitions it can also replace Historic on units up to 100”.

A Lady Drinking Coffee sitting near thermal break steel window

Keeping Heat in its Place

Your climate may have icy winters or blistering summers, but even in milder climates, energy costs are rising all the time. Homes built before 1960 cost twice as much to maintain as homes built after 2008. The technology available in 2023 achieves levels of thermal efficiency, unimaginable only a few years ago.

Our specially enhanced perimeter seals provide the most effective barrier against both air and water incursion. In addition to thermal D seals, heavy duty vane seals further protect against water and air infiltration, even when there is a strong pressure differential between the inside and outside of the building.

With NFRC certified ratings and Energy Star, you can be sure you are making the best choice with EuroLite fenestration.

World Class Glazing

We are the only company to offer dual and triple pane, krypton gas filled, insulated glass as a standard feature in all our exterior doors and windows. Partnering with Saint-Gobain & Guardian Glass, our glazing systems are engineered to provide the optimum U factor, solar control and light transmission for your specific needs.

With EuroLite, you can include large expanses of glass in your project and still maintain exceptional energy performance. EuroLite U-factors are as low as 0.18!
Read more about our glazing. . .

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A Lady Drinking Coffee sitting near thermal break steel window

Non Thermally Broken Steel Options

For interior partions and for some exterior units in mild climates, two non-thermally broken steel frame types are available, HISTORIC and TRIMLINE.

With a sightline height of 1” and overall frame thickness of less than 1 1/2“, TRIMLINE is a very elegant solutuon for interior doors and partitions. HISTORIC can also be replace by TRIMLINE on units up to 100” high.

These frames do not have NFRC ratings or energy star.. Ask your project manager if you think these designs might be appropriate for your project.

  • As a contractor I’ve had the opportunity now to do business with EuroLite Doors 3 times this year and I must say, they have provided top customer service and delivered premium quality products at a significant savings. In all cases, my client’s were thrilled with the finished product.

    Peter Holder
  • As the owner/builders of our home I can say your customer service was wonderful during the entire process. We love our door and your price was very reasonable. We show the door to everyone who stops by to see the house.

    Christine & Gary Dowell
  • We have nothing but praise for the product we purchased from you. Your professionalism with this product and service was exceptional from start to finish. Your instructions were very easy to understand and simple to install and level out the door.

    Tony and Carmela Cuzzetto
    BC Canada