Sliding Doors

Easy Access

Sliding doors are a convenient and popular way to access a patio, deck or garden. Unlike Bifold, swing or pivot doors, they do not intrude upon either inside or outside space when being opened.

Pocket sliding doors can also open up completely, utilizing adjacent wall space for the pocket. EuroLite sliding doors use an overhead tracking system with eight neoprene rollers for completely smooth, secure and silent operation.

This system can be configured with no threshold - there is only a small guide slot at floor level, so nothing to step over. Alternatively, if an overhead system is not possible in your project, we have a smooth bottom roller system.

Sliding doors can also be configured with no threshold. There is also generally no limit on panel sizes, allowing you to explore a wide range of design choices. sliding doors

Multi-point Door Locking
Available in three profiles:

Wide choice of panel sizes
Uninterrupted floor transition
Quiet, smooth operation
For exterior and interior installations
Low maintenance
Maximum light, minimum frame
Three profile choices available
Easy Install


Silent, Neoprene overhead rollers
Alternate bottom rollers
Can accomodate multipoint locking
Can be bored for other locks
Full choice of glazing types.
Durable finish + zinc galvanized base
NFRC, NAFS and TAS certifications
1/2” FDL muntins available

EuroLite Sliding Doors . . . . .                                                                                                                              To elegantly connect inside & outside spaces or divide large rooms into sections.

Example Configurations: