In our 35,000 sq’ factory, quality management is the guiding principle. Our management team of industrial and mechanical engineers, have a lifetime of experience in this industry and are admitted perfectionists. They guide teams of expert technicians, who work to exacting SOP’s (Standard operating procedures) in their respective fields. It’s our job to be constantly striving to provide the best working environment so that our staff can do their best and be proud of what they do every day.

We do this by following ‘best practices’, which means that every single task is documented and approved by QA (quality assurance) before moving on. In this time of Covid, we’ve also taken extraordinary measures to ensure the health and safety of our workers. We take this job of building seriously and no product leaves our factory without passing a final, comprehensive 70 point inspection. When you get EuroLite steel framed windows and doors – you get the best.

Quality Assurance

To build with quality as the foundation of what you do, requires Vision, Experience and Commitment. That vision is embedded in the design technology of our steel framed windows and doors, so that they exceed the highest standards in this industry. We know from experience that quality also depends on using the best materials, equipment and manufacturing protocols. But quality ultimately depends on people - the training, experience and commitment of the workers who spend their lives refining and practicing their skills. You can hire training and experience, but you inspire commitment by the way you treat people. That’s important to us at EuroLite. We use vision, experience and commitment to manufacture the finest steel doors and windows that money can buy - guaranteed.



We use steel exclusively in building our frames because it is quite simply the best building material to create minimal architectural lines and accommodate large expanses of glass. Steel is also the only material that can be infinitely recycled, maintaining its strength and durability. No other building material can match the life cycle or the sustainability record of steel.

We use TIG welding to construct the steel frames for our windows and doors. TIG welding is a much more difficult welding skill than MIG welding and it takes much longer to accomplish the same task. However it creates smoother, stronger welds with less heat, splatter and less distortion. TIG welding is also better for the environment, and because less fumes are created, it’s better for the health of our technicians. At EuroLite, we keep dimensional tolerances to 1mm (1/25”), which is significantly smaller than the standards in our industry. We go to this extra effort so that you get a product that not only is beautiful, but will fit exactly into the space allowed.



EuroLite uses Akzo Nobel marine coatings, which have been protecting ships for 135 years. This product has superb protective qualities with superior abrasion and chip resistance. After zinc galvanization, we employ a multi-step process that incrementally improves and hardens the surface. We use three layers of marine based color and then two additional layers of clear coating for UV protection. This gradual layering provides a “hard as nails” finish with a deep, lustrous and enduring sheen. The final coating reaches a pencil hardness of 6H – the highest in the industry. This provides a maintenance free finish for the life of your steel windows and doors.




EuroLite creates its IGU’s (Insulated Glass Units) with Saint-Gobain and Guardian Low-E glas. Water clear and distortion free, these are the best glass products in the world. You may specify your requirements or allow us to design your IGUs based on your climate zone. We meet or exceed all local and national building code requirements. Independently certified by NFRC, NAFS and TAS, ur steel framed windows, doors and glass walls are built according to the most stringent requirements. With U factors as low as 0.18, we can provide you the best combination of energy savings, comfort and aesthetic appeal.