Pivot Doors

Regular swing doors have their hinges distributed along the door edge so the entire panel swings open. Pivot doors have their hinge point some distance in from the door edge so, while most of the door panel swings one way, a smaller part swings in the opposite direction.

Pivot doors have to be wider than swing doors to achieve the same opening. Their main advantage is to accommodate an automatic, hydraulic door closer at the pivot point. For this reason you will find pivot doors installed primarily in commercial buildings or retail establishments. They provide a unique and sophisticated entry system and a Wow factor that cannot be underestimated.


Accommodates GU multipoint locking
Can be bored for other locking mechanisms
Durable finish with zinc galvanized base
NFRC, NAFS and TAS certifications
1/2” FDL muntins available

Available in two profiles:

Allows wider panel sizes
Can be one way or two way opening
Accommodates Automatic Floor Closers
Full choice of glazing types.
Easy Installation

Multi-point Door Locking
EuroLite Pivot Doors . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                         An original option for retail and professional establishments.
A row of EuroLite pivot doors at a Mercedes dealership - Sonic Automotive