Glass Walls and Partitions


EuroLite Exterior Glass Walls
Thermally insulated with narrow sight lines for stunning vistas


Let there be Light!

EuroLite creates stunning exterior glass walls using combinations of fixed windows, opening windows and glass doors. We manufacture both fully insulated exterior glass walls, as well as sound dampening interior glass partitions.

With our proprietary steel profiles we achieve maximum structural integrity with the narrowest sight lines – as narrow as 1”. This makes for minimal obscuring of your view and maximum enjoyment of natural light.

Glass units can be connected to one another directly or separated by other building elements. Sight lines are typically coordinated with exterior windows, glass patio doors or entry doors, creating a cohesive and integrated appearance.

Our team of advisors can guide you on technical issues to help you create the ideal design for your home or business.

Dynamic Sound Reduction

Offices have featured interior glass walls and doors to define work spaces for many years. EuroLite interior partitions are suitable for both the modern workspace and the modern home - wherever sound reduction is required.

With EuroLite’s whisper quiet interior glass walls, one environment does not impinge upon the other. All our interior glass walls and doors have enhanced sound transmission control. Instead of monolithic glass, we laminate two dissimilar thickness panes together with a sound dampening polymer (PVB) interlayer. This does not affect the visual quality of the glass but greatly reduces sound transmission - achieving an STC rating of up to 40.

In addition, our interior glass doors have perimeter seals that effectively control “flanking” (sound passing around the door perimeter). This technology improves sound transmission control to three times greater than single pane glass.


Interior Partitions

Glass partitions are now a popular feature in modern homes and apartments. Opening the home to more natural light enhances the feeling of spaciousness and creates a more healthy and stress free environment.

Partitions can be used between any two adjacent rooms where different activities are going on but where visual contact is desired. For easy access between rooms, swing, sliding or multifold glass doors can be added.

The glass panels can be divided with muntins to visually separate the glass into smaller rectangles. Muntins can increase safety by indicating there is a barrier, preventing people from accidentally walking into the glass.

EuroLite Interior Glass Partitions . . . .
Clean lines with sound dampening technology for home & office.