Interior Glass Walls & Doors

Office space with steel framed interior glass walls and doors

Let There Be Light!

Interior glass walls are trending . . .

Let light flow through your home while maintaining separate environments in each space. Access between rooms is provided by interior glass doors that have matching Sightlines with contiguous glass walls.

Office settings have featured interior glass walls and doors for many years. Today, this same style is popular in modern luxury homes and apartments. The appeal of opening the home to more natural light and enhancing the feeling of spaciousness that walls of glass can give, has become a key feature of the modern home.

In smaller spaces, glass walls with doors are essential to create a visual connection between separate functional environments. Sliding glass doors or French doors beautifully connect a home office to a living room, a family room to dining room, or patio. The additional flexibility in space usage provided by interior glass walls and doors is essential in a post Covid world where more people are  working from home and adjusting their living space accordingly.

Glass doors and dividers
Integral Sound Control Door

Sound Proofing of Glass Walls

Integral Sound Control Door

When you have children in one room and a parent working in an adjacent room, it’s critical to minimize sound transmission. With EuroLite’s whisper quiet internal glass walls, one environment will not impinge negatively on the other. All our interior glass walls and doors have enhanced Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings. Instead of monolithic glass, we laminate two dissimilar thickness panes together with a sound dampening polymer (PVB) interlayer. This does not affect the visual quality of the glass but greatly reduces sound transmission.

In addition, our interior glass doors have perimeter seals that effectively control “flanking” (sound passing around the door perimeter). This combined technology brings our STC up to 40, which is about three times better than single pane glass. The result – you can comfortably be on a business call in one room while watching your children playing happily in the next.

Matching Glass Walls & Windows

Matching glass walls with exterior Door

With our proprietary steel profiles we achieve maximum structural integrity with the narrowest Sight Lines possible – as narrow as 1”. Sight lines can also be coordinated with exterior windows, glass patio doors or entry doors, creating a cohesive and integrated appearance.
Internal glass walls and doors can have uninterrupted expanses of glass or can be divided with FDL muntins to separate the glass into smaller rectangles. Muntins can add visual appeal and also increase safety - they indicate there is a barrier and help prevent people accidentally walking into the glass.

Fire Rated Interior Glass Doors

For commercial properties, EuroLite interior glass doors can be 20 minute fire rated with the addition of specially designed smoke seals. These seals have little impact on operation but ensure compliance with state and local fire regulations.

Matching glass walls with exterior Door
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