Advanced Thermal Construction

A Lady Drinking Coffee sitting near thermal break steel window

An Integrated Approach

A Lady Drinking Coffee sitting near thermal break steel window

EuroLite’s proprietary ‘dual chambered’ construction includes an 18mm thermal break that isolates the interior chamber from the exterior, preventing heat from traveling through the structure.

The fiber/polymer thermal break is pressure bonded between the two steel chambers – creating a structure that is four times stronger than any other thermal designs. This allows us to produce steel doors and windows with dramatically narrow sight lines, in almost unlimited shapes and sizes.

All EuroLite exterior windows and glass doors qualify for Energy Star Ratings in all areas of the country.

Innovative Perimeter Seals

Outswing Casement Windows

When a door or window is closed, it should provide a complete separation of interior and exterior environments. Poorly sealed units will let your heated or cooled air escape out of the building – taking your energy dollars with it. Inadequate perimeter seals will also allow water to infiltrate and cause costly damage.

EuroLite has developed an enhanced perimeter sealing system that is the most effective system available.

Perimeter seals usual fail when wind pressure is increased, but the EuroLite system stays secure against strong winds and blowing rain

Outswing Casement Windows
A Cat lying near by Thermally Superior Glass Window

World Class Glazing

A Cat lying near by Thermally Superior Glass Window

We are the only company to offer dual and triple pane, krypton gas filled, insulated glass as a standard feature in all our exterior steel doors and windows. Partnering with Saint-Gobain Glass, our glazing systems are engineered to provide the optimum U factor, solar control and light transmission for your specific needs. With EuroLite, you can include large expanses of glass in your project and still maintain exceptional energy performance. EuroLite U-factors are as low as 0.18!

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