Eurolite Protective Finish

Satin smooth . . .
Gorgeously Durable
  • Zinc Galvanized Base
  • Marine Grade Finish
  • Consistent Quality
Hard as Nails

Zinc galvanized steel windows and doors

Zinc Galvanization is the foundational treatment on all our doors and windows.

Zinc galvanized steel is exceedingly durable because zinc galvanizing is not just a simple coating. During the process, Zinc metal becomes permanently alloyed to the steel, providing “cathodic” protection against corrosion in all environments.

Steel will outlast any other fenestration material when properly treated – and there is no better treatment than zinc galvanization. Read more…

Zinc galvanized steel windows and doors
Marine Grade Finish

Marine Grade Finish

After galvanizing, we apply two layers of cured epoxy primer. Additional steps incrementally improve and strengthen the surface. With three layers of color and then two layers of clear coating added for UV protection. This ultimately provides a “hard as nails” finish with a lustrous, enduring sheen.

Consistent Quality

EuroLite uses AkzoNobel marine coatings, which have been protecting ships for over 135 years. This product has superb protective qualities with superior abrasion and chip resistance. The final coating can reach a pencil hardness of 6H – the highest in the industry. We adhere to rigorous procedures and ensure that each step has been completed to the exact standards before passing on to the next phase.

Marine Grade Finish