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Hard as Nails

Zinc Galvanized Steel

Zinc galvanized steel windows and doors

When properly treated, steel will outlast and out perform any other fenestration material. Zinc galvanization is the primary protection against oxidation for steel and ensures the best performance of our steel windows and doors.

Zinc galvanization is the foundation for all our steel framed doors and windows. All raw steel is initially ‘Electro Galvanized’ with zinc to protect it from corrosion during fabrication. After fabrication is complete, all surfaces are sand blasted in preparation for a second, Thermally Applied layer of zinc. In this process, the molten zinc metal bonds with the steel both physically and chemically. This guarantees a lifetime of protection against corrosion under all outdoor conditions. The resulting surface now provides an optimal “key” for subsequent priming, painting and surface finishing.

Marine Grade Finish

Marine Grade Finish

Marine Grade Finish

EuroLite uses AkzoNobel marine coatings, which have been protecting ships for over 140 years. This product has superb protective qualities with superior abrasion and chip resistance. Our finish protects the steel from scratches, dents or other damage that can affect other types of fenestration. After zinc galvanization, we employ a multi-step process that incrementally adds color while it hardens the surface. We use three layers of marine grade paint and then two additional layers of clear coating for UV protection. This gradual layering process creates a “hard as nails” finish with a deep, lustrous color and enduring sheen. The final coating reaches a pencil hardness of 6H – one of the highest in the industry.

Color Choices

The majority of our clients prefer the traditional look of black steel framed windows and doors. This color choice has been seen throughout the centuries since steel became a primary material for building. However, we are able to match any color you wish if you have a special color preference. Please let your EuroLite project manager know if you have a custom color in mind. Otherwise, the steel frames for your doors and windows will be treated with traditional and beautiful, 15% sheen black.

Marine Grade Finish Marine Grade Finish