EuroLite High Security Hardware

Multi-Point Locking

In Europe, multi-point door locks are required by insurance companies because of their extreme forced entry resistance.

Although we can install any lockset of your choice, we include
European made Ferco multi-point locks as standard on all our entry doors.

By designing our doors from the outset to accommodate these
systems, we have combined the superior strength of steel framing with the unbeatable security of multi-point locks.

Locks can be keyed or keyless with choices of handle style and color to match or accent your door finish.

Super Smooth Sliding Rollers

Exterior and Interior sliding doors utilize heavy duty overhead rollers. Each door slab will have eight, whisper quiet, nylon rollers with stainless steel bearings.

Casement Window Hardware

To facilitate the addition of fly screens, outward opening casement windows come with crank handle opening mechanisms as standard. These can be upgraded to electrically operated if requested. Classic casement levers provide secure latching of inward and outward opening casements.

Multi-point Door Locking

Different Handle Styles

Heavy Duty Swing Hinges Different Handle Styles

Heavy Duty Swing Hinges

To properly support the weight of our steel windows and door panels, EuroLite manufactures its own heavy duty steel hinges. The hinges are all factory TIG welded in place to ensure precise alignment. With smooth and silent bronze bearing surfaces, the steel hinges on our swing doors and casement windows provide a lifetime of smooth, responsive operation.

Made for easy installation, the casement sashes and door slabs are lifted onto the hinge pins after the frames are installed. This system is foolproof and completely secure - they cannot be removed again unless the door or casement is fully open.